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Designer: Tommaso Rumici
Blade material: Nitro-B – HRC 60 +/–
Handle material: G10
Finishing: satin
Open length: 215 mm
Blade length: 93 mm
Blade thickness: 3,5 mm
Weight: 143 g
Type of lock: TOL

The RESeT series (Rescue Emergency Security Tool) consists of three rescue and self-rescue tools, designed for as many operational areas.

The SAR (Search And Rescue), has an orange handle and is designed for those involved in civilian rescue activities, such as firefighters and law enforcement agents, in particular in the case of people trapped inside vehicles. The blade, long and curved, ends with a belt cutter that can be used with the knife closed, and a truncated tip that acts as a screwdriver.

 The C-SAR (Combat Search And Rescue) is aimed at military personnel engaged in the same activities in operational areas, such as helicopter pilots or medics. It has a black handle and a drop point blade with a sturdy tip.

The N-SAR (Navy Search And Rescue), is specific for naval use, and is distinguished by the blue handle and the cutting edge with sheepsfoot profile.

All RESeT multitools have Nitro-B blades, a nitrogen alloy very resistant to oxidation, and capable of reaching 60-61 HRC. The handles have a steel frame and G10 scales, with carefully designed ergonomics to ensure a firm and secure grip, also thanks to the surface texture.

Two important accessories are integrated into the handle: in the front there is a tungsten carbide glass breaker, able to write on metal or glass surfaces, while at the rear there is a magnetic slot for standard hex bits.

RESeT folders are designed to be safe to use, even under high psychophysical stress, which is why they are totally ambidextrous and equipped with a robust locking system. C-SAR and N-SAR use TOL (Tactical Operation Locks) system, which allows to open the blade using the thumb hole, equipped with a gusset for better grip with gloves. The SAR is equipped with OCS (Open and Close Security) mechanics, which locks the blade also in closed position, avoiding accidental opening when using the belt cutter; to open the blade with one hand, slide back the release stud and point the truncated blade tip against clothing.

The three models are equipped with wire pocket clips and are compatible with Antonini’s sheaths. Both C-SAR and N-SAR handles sport a lanyard hole, while the SAR has one on the blade, so as not to interfere when using the belt cutter with the blade in closed position.

The RESeT series is developed in partnership with lionSTEEL.


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