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    1. These Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as “SC”) apply to all current and future sales contracts concluded through the website (hereinafter "SITE") between the company ANTONINI s.r.l., with registered office in Italy, 33085 Maniago (PN), Via Cellina n.17, registered in the Pordenone-Udine companies registration list under no. 39483, Tax Code / VAT number: IT01035530938, Tel. +39 0427 71029, PEC: email: (hereinafter referred to as "SELLER") and any natural or legal person who, in the exercise of his entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity (hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMER") purchases online on the SITE.

    2. These SC apply only to B2B (Business to Business) online sales between the SELLER and the CUSTOMER apply and, together with the documents expressly mentioned therein, provide information, terms and legal conditions on the basis of which all goods (PRODUCTS) on the SELLER's website and web shop are sold.

    3. The SC must be examined by the CUSTOMER before each purchase and are considered fully known and unconditionally accepted by placing the flag in the relevant field of acknowledgment and acceptance on the SITE.

    4. The SC may be modified by the SELLER at any time. Any changes will come into force from the date of their publication on the SITE.



    1. The use of the site is subject to the conditions published in a specific section.

    2. The personal information you provide will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



    1. Operability on the site is subject to the opening of the "CUSTOMER account" according to the procedure indicated in the Terms of Use of the website. The information provided during registration and the data necessary for the identification of the CUSTOMER are processed in accordance with the rules of EU Regulation 2016/679 (so-called "GDPR") on the protection of personal data. It will be the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to keep the information provided updated and the customer will be held solely responsible for any errors in the order, delivery and billing related to incorrect information. The CUSTOMER undertakes not to transfer his identification code and password to third parties and to keep them with the utmost care and diligence, remaining solely responsible for their custody and use.

    2. The information provided by the CUSTOMER, and in particular those relating to the economic activity carried out (ATECO code for Italy, NACE for European Union and / or other identification code for activities based outside the EU) will allow the SELLER to characterize the CUSTOMER and his resale activity and evaluate the discount that can be granted, according to the distribution policies of the SELLER, the sector in which the CUSTOMER operates and its role in the distribution channel.

    3. The opening and use of the account does not imply any obligation to purchase and is free of charge, except for any connection fees that the CUSTOMER bear according to their choices relating to the communication operator used.



    1. The CUSTOMER who intends to purchase on the SITE must select for each PRODUCT the size and quantity he wishes to purchase and insert the PRODUCTS in the "Shopping Cart" by clicking on the "Add to cart" icon. The contents of the Shopping Cart may be modified by the CUSTOMER, by adding or removing one or more PRODUCTS, until the order is sent.

    2. Once the customer has added the PRODUCTS to the Shopping Cart and clicked on the "Check-out" icon:

      • a page, containing the indication of the main characteristics and price of each PRODUCT ordered, will appear, as well as the total price of the order net of any tax and shipping costs or any other ancillary costs.

      • The contents of the Shopping Cart may be modified by the CUSTOMER, by adding or removing one or more PRODUCTS until the order is sent (Art. 4.5) by clicking on the "Back to Cart" icon.

      • The CUSTOMER will be asked to enter a reference e-mail address and shipping data for the PRODUCTS and then click on the "Go to Shipment" button.

    3. At this point the CUSTOMER will see an "order summary" page containing the billing and / or shipping data if different, the main characteristics and price of the products ordered, the total amount of the order not including taxes, shipping costs and any other ancillary costs.

    4. The CUSTOMER is required to verify the accuracy of the data indicated in the "order summary" and then click on the "send order" button.

    5. Following this verification, the CUSTOMER is asked to view the SC and confirm acceptance, select the desired payment method, and then proceed to send the order.

    6. In case of immediate electronic payment, the CUSTOMER will be automatically redirected to the specific page for the transaction. Alternatively, in case of advanced payment of the goods, the bank details will be given or it will be given the amount that includes the additional rights, to be paid to the courier upon arrival of the goods.



    1. By sending his order, the CUSTOMER declares to have read, understood and accepted the general SC and acknowledges that the same, in case of acceptance of the order by the SELLER, will be binding between the parties.

    2. The sales contract is considered concluded and effective between the parties if:

      • The SELLER has sent the CUSTOMER an order confirmation by e-mail, with evidence of the requested products and the entire document including taxes, shipping costs and any other ancillary expenses owed by the CUSTOMER.

      • The CUSTOMER has paid the owed amount and the SELLER has verified that the entire amount owed has been credited, except for the case where the shipment takes place on delivery.

    3. The CUSTOMER undertakes to verify the correctness of the data contained in the order confirmation e-mail and to promptly notify the SELLER of any corrections / changes to be made

    4. The SELLER reserves the right to accept the order sent by the CUSTOMER within 7 (seven) working days from the working day following that on which the CUSTOMER has sent his order. If the SELLER does not send his order confirmation within the aforementioned term, the order must be considered tacitly refused.

    5. For each order, the SELLER issues a document accompanying the goods shipped referring to the information provided by the CUSTOMER when registering the account and placing the order. Since these are final documents at the time of issue, it will no longer be possible to make any subsequent changes. The CUSTOMER relieves the SELLER from any liability deriving from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data provided by him, being the CUSTOMER himself solely responsible for the correct insertion.

    6. There is no minimum order, the SELLER, however, for all orders whose net amount is less than € 250.00 will insert a contribution for management costs equal to € 10.00. These amounts are to be understood net of any VAT, if owed.

    7. The SELLER, upon shipment of the goods, will notify the CUSTOMER by e-mail by making the relevant tax document available to him in the user area.



    1. The essential characteristics of the products are indicated in specific information sheets available on the SITE.

    2. The CUSTOMER is aware that the images accompanying the PRODUCTS are purely illustrative. The SELLER cannot therefore be held responsible for any non-substantial differences (for example relating to color or packaging) found between the images of the PRODUCTS on the SITE and the PRODUCTS purchased by the CUSTOMER.

    3. The availability of the PRODUCTS indicated on the SITE refers to the actual availability of the same at the time the CUSTOMER places the order. This availability is merely indicative because:

      • as a result of the simultaneous presence on the SITE of several users, the PRODUCTS may be sold to other customers before the CUSTOMER transmits his order;

      • there may be a computer anomaly such as to make available for purchase a PRODUCT that in reality is not.

    4. In case of unavailability (even partial) of the PRODUCT ordered, the SELLER undertakes to inform the CUSTOMER by e-mail indicating the first date on which the PRODUCT will be available again. The CUSTOMER, in the following 48 hours, will have the right to confirm the order of the PRODUCTS or cancel it. In the absence of communication by the CUSTOMER, the order will be considered tacitly confirmed (in case of cancellation of the order, however, the amount relating to the unavailable PRODUCTS will be refunded to the CUSTOMER without undue delay and, in any case, within a maximum period of 14 working days from the date of cancellation of the order).

    5. Under no circumstances may the SELLER be held liable for any damage – direct and/or indirect – deriving from the unavailability (even if supervening) of the PRODUCTS on the SITE.



    1. Once the account has been activated, the prices of the products will be visible to the CUSTOMER, expressed in Euro and net of VAT and / or any other tax and / or ancillary expense.

    2. If the CUSTOMER has provided, during the registration of the account, an adequate description of its commercial activity (as indicated in point 3.2) the SELLER could, at its sole discretion and after verification of the data / information provided, grant the CUSTOMER a discount according to its sector of belonging and its position on the market.

    3. Any discounts will be notified by email to the CUSTOMER and will be activated directly by the SELLER on the customer account; the CUSTOMER, therefore, will be able to view in his customer area the net prices reserved for him and use them in the order request.

    4. The SELLER reserves the right to modify, at any time, the sales prices indicated on the SITE. It is obviously understood that the price applied to the CUSTOMER will be the one indicated on the SITE on the date on which the order is placed by the CUSTOMER (and indicated in the confirmation e-mail sent by the SELLER), without considering price increases or decreases, even for promotions, which may occur later. The prices indicated in the product information sheets do not include shipping costs and / or costs related to the selected payment method; both costs are paid by the CUSTOMER.

    5. Shipping costs, specifically, will be calculated by the SELLER taking into account the best offer of shippers, in relation to the type of shipment preferred by the CUSTOMER, the volumes of the same and the place of destination of the goods.

    6. Shipping costs and / or any additional costs will be clearly explained when sending the order confirmation and always before payment.

    7. Any duties, import taxes and customs clearance costs, in case of deliveries outside the EU, will be paid by the CUSTOMER. Since customs policies vary considerably from country to country, the SELLER has no control over these costs and cannot therefore predict their amount. It will therefore be the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to contact the local customs office for more information.



    1. The CUSTOMER, unless otherwise specifically agreed and/or any credit lines linked to consolidated relationships with the SELLER, is required to pay in advance for the goods ordered by PayPal platform or by bank transfer; alternatively, the CUSTOMER can pay cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods, implicitly accepting the charge of additional fees.

    2. The products remain in the property of the SELLER until full payment of the same, after which they take over the ownership of the CUSTOMER.



    1. Without prejudice to any territorial delivery restrictions for products, the SELLER will deliver the PRODUCTS to the CUSTOMER at the address indicated by the latter at the time of the order, as reported by the SELLER in the order confirmation e-mail.

    2. The SELLER prepares the packaging for the product purchased by the CUSTOMER in the most appropriate forms and is not liable for any tampering, discrepancies, failures that may occur after the exit of the goods from its warehouses.

    3. The delivery date indicated is an estimate and is not binding. Any delay in delivery will not give rise to any right to compensation or reimbursement, even partial and will not even entail any right to cancel the order unless such cancellation has been agreed in writing.

    4. If the delivery instructions provided by the CUSTOMER are incomplete or incorrect and in the event that the delivery of the Products, made in accordance with these SC, is not accepted, all storage costs and other consequent costs incurred will be charged by the SELLER, without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for damages suffered.

    5. The SELLER assumes no responsibility for disruptions attributable to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances and / or other events that prevent, in whole or in part, to execute the contract in the times and in the manner agreed therein.

    6. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the CUSTOMER is required to:

      • check that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;

      • verify that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise damaged, even with regard to the sealing materials (adhesive tape or staples).

In the event that the goods delivered have damage presumably caused by transport, the CUSTOMER may refuse delivery and immediately notify the SELLER, who will make the necessary objections to the shipper.

    1. If the CUSTOMER decides to accept the goods delivered, in order to safeguard his rights, he must contest the unsuitability of the packaging to the courier, affixing the clause "subject to control goods due to ___________" and indicating on the delivery document the anomaly at the base of the reserve. The CUSTOMER must retain a copy and then proceed to make a report to the SELLER by email within 8 days from the date of reception of the goods. The report must be made as indicated in the return policy detailed in point 11. Any reports received after 8 days from the delivery of the products will not be taken into consideration.


    1. The SELLER guarantees that the PRODUCTS sold correspond in quantity, quality and type to what is shown in the order confirmation and that they are free from defects that may make them unsuitable for the use for which they are intended.

    2. If any defect, lack of quality or lack of conformity is found in the PRODUCTS, the CUSTOMER must notify it in writing within 8 (eight) days of delivery to the SELLER. The latter, if the problem is attributable to him, undertakes to remedy it within 12 (twelve) months from the date of reception of the complaint. It is understood that this warranty will be limited only to cases in which the defect or defect reported is not directly or indirectly linked to the activity of the CUSTOMER or to an incorrect use and / or conservation of the PRODUCT.

    3. The CUSTOMER must report any defects or lack of conformity of the Products, under penalty of forfeiture within the terms indicated above, by contacting the SELLER using the appropriate form available at this link or by sending a registered letter with return receipt or a PEC to the SELLER at the addresses in the epigraph, indicating in detail the defects or non-conformities contested.

    4. The CUSTOMER loses the right of warranty on the products declared defective by him if he does not allow any reasonable control that the SELLER requests to carry out or if, having the SELLER made an express request to return the aforementioned products at its own expense, the CUSTOMER fails to return them, within a period of 15 (fifteen) days from the reception of the relevant request.

    5. In the event that the defects or non-conformities complained are actually attributable to the SELLER, the latter, within a reasonable time, may at its discretion replace or repair at its own expense the PRODUCTS found to be defective or not in accordance with what was agreed or credit the CUSTOMER with a sum corresponding to the price indicated on the invoice of the defective or non-compliant PRODUCTS. The refund will be made using the same payment instrument used by the CUSTOMER for the initial transaction, without the SELLER being held responsible for any delays or omissions in crediting the CUSTOMER.


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