Manufacturer: Antonini srl
Model: CAR
Designer: Tommaso Rumici

Blade material: Nitro-B steel (59 HRC ± 1)
Handle material: Nitro-B steel (57 HRC ± 1) / G-10
Body length: 226 mm — 8,90"
Blade length: 80 mm — 3,15"
Body thickness: 4 mm — 0,16"
Blade thickness: 3 mm — 0,12"
Weight: 280 gr — 9.88 oz
Locking system: button lock

The CAR is a multipurpose tool designed to satisfy a specific request from the Italian Firefighters, which complained about the impossibility of finding on the market a tool equipped with all the features necessary to equip operators during interventions following car accidents.

The tool, born from the collaboration between Antonini and the designer Tommaso Rumici, integrates numerous tools useful to free the occupants of a crashed vehicle, to prepare for cutting the car body and other interventions
  • The main body is a hardened steel lever, with a chisel tip equipped with nail removers, and is used to lift and remove the plastic panels from the passengers compartment, revealing the gas or pyrotechnic charges. In the immediate vicinity there is a belt cutter.
  • At the opposite end there are two wrenches (10 and 13 millimeters) useful to disconnect the battery clamps, and a tungsten carbide glass-breaking tip, to break the side windows or create an entry hole for the saw in a laminated windshield.
  • Under the G10 grip there are two blades: one is designed to cut seats and upholstery, exposing the components of the airbag system, the other is a specific saw for laminated safety glass. Both blades are equipped with a button lock, which works both in the rest position and in the working position.
  • On the G10 grip and on the back of the main body there are luminescent stickers, which increase the visibility of the tool in low light conditions. Also on the back, is a laser engraved ruler, useful when planning cuts on the car body.
CAR is sized to fit into the chest pockets of the service jacket, and in the middle of the body there is a hole that makes it compatible with the “Gear Keeper” retractable retention systems marketed by Antonini.


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