TOP.EGG_&_BITS (for "Mamba" series)

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This new sheath has been expressly studied for the fixed-blade-knives from "Antonini SOS" line and is therefore compatible with all the models of Mamba's series.

DIMENSIONS: 260x70x40 mm - 10,24"x2,76"x1,57"
WEIGHT: 180 g - 6.35 oz

TOP.EGG_&_BITS is the most complete version, made from hard-wearing Dupont Cordura® with two sturdy studs, on the front side, to lock firmly Mamba's knife to the sheath and also an additional (removable) pocket containing 6 different ¼” inserts and extension.
On the back side another removable stud that allows a fast, easy and safe positioning of the sheath on the wearer’s belt or on MOLLE(*) web gear.

(*) The MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment known as MOLLE is a modular load bearing system designed in a military context.


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