Old Bear

9307/15_MT - OLD BEAR® WORLD

SIZE "XS" / Extra Small

BLADE: 60 mm - 2 ⅓"
OVERALL: 150 mm - 5 ⅚"
CLOSED: 90 mm - 3 ½”
WEIGHT: 27 g - 0.95 oz

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 420 steel - HRC 54/56
HANDLE: Black laminated wood handle with Italian tricolor flag
SAFETY RING: Brass with locking (patent n.1187282)

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 420 steel - HRC 54/56
HANDLE: Black laminated wood handle with national flag
SAFETY RING: Brass with locking (patent n.1187282)

"Old Bear ®" is our new and exclusive folding knife line featuring simple and ergonomic lines. It marks and celebrates the 90th anniversary of our company (1925-2015), and intentionally involves a production process engaging high levels of manual production, skilled and experienced manufacture.

The handle knife is in laminated wood, while its blade is in Aisi 420 stainless steel and is stone sharpened by skilled and qualified craftsman’ hands.
The "Old Bear ®"  knife comes without no-return spring meaning its blade locking system features a solid safety ring (covered by patent n.1187282 deposited in year 1985 by Todesco company from Maniago which is active partner of this project) that fixes the handle in open and closed position.

The knife blade comes with our salt-etched "Old Bear®" logo.
This product has been manufactured by submitting all the used raw materials to manual treatments and processes that make every single knife unique, original and not standardized. Any irregularities on the knife surface are additional guarantees of its uniqueness and manual processes and they do not affect the knife functionalities.

Venditori online in Italia:
Coltelleria Collini sas


Exclusive distributor for Germany:
Heinr. Boeker Baumwerk GmbH


Distributore esclusivo per la Francia:
H. Beligné & Fils  s.a.s.


Old Bear at work

"It is possible that mean creatures will not always be so or behave badly forever."

Long ago on a cold rainy day, early humans arrived in the forest to find a new home. Old Bear® did  not like this disturbance of the peaceful forest, so to protect his family he began to destroy all that the humans had brought with them.
First, with his large, strong paws Old Bear® tore apart their big wood walls.  Then inside the shattered walls he discovered a little child in a cradle. The child had been left alone and his loud crying was too much for Old Bear®, piercing the silence of the forest. 
But when he approached the child, he suddenly stopped.  The child had quieted and seemed to be without fear of Old Bear®, gently touching and caressing his soft fur.  Old Bear® was moved by the young child's sweet innocence.
Old Bear® immediately opened his heart to the young child, picked him up, and held him in a warm embracing hug.  He promised himself that he would be an everlasting friend to the child.
Over the years, the child grew up healthy and strong.  He became familiar with all of the secrets of the forest and learned to craft his own tools, always helped by the faithful presence of Old Bear®, his giant friend.
One day Old Bear® brought him gifts of a piece of wood and a shiny piece of iron.  With these two elements collected by wise Old Bear®, the child was able to create a strong, sharp, and irreplaceable knife - perfect for all of the exciting and courageous adventures he would face over the years.


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